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As a real estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My personal knowledge of the local real estate market gives my clients an advantage when buying or selling a home.

I was born and raised in Canada, but my parents made sure I was raised speaking fluent Vietnamese. I am a graduate of the University of Guelph with a B.Comm., Marketing Major Degree. I am no stranger to the Sales, Marketing and Customer service industry as I have been working with clients of all types since the young age of thirteen. Having said that, I am a people's person; I love communicating and getting to know new people. I am the ambitious, hard-working, go-getting type of gal. Previous to building this career, I was in Sales and Customer Service for over 10 years, and was a Marketing and Operations Manager in the food & service industry for three years. My passion for Real Estate developed a few years ago and it took a lot of researching and studying before I felt confident enough to pursue this new-found dream. My motto is, "I don't just set my goals...I make them happen!" So be a part of my dream, and experience how dedicated I am in finding your dream home!

What are my first steps in finding the home just right for you? Here is a general idea of my approach:

1) Get to know my client(s)/customer(s) at a personal level - When I say this I don't mean getting too personal, but rather what are your personal preferences in a home? I want to get a feel of what your idea of a dream home is. What kind of activities do you do, and what rooms do you imagine having in your home. Do you have a passion for cooking? Perhaps a need for a mini gym or an office? Finding out what your needs and interests are will help me find a space that best fits your needs.

2) Home style - Are you a first time buyer? Are you looking to move into a smaller or upgrade to a larger home? Perhaps all your kids are moved out and you're looking for a bungalow. Or are you a newly married couple about to start a family? Maybe you're a successful professional looking to live in luxurious home or condominium. Whether it's the typical 2 storey home, or single duplex or even a condo, I can find what you're looking for that suits your needs.

3) Location - It is very important that I know the details of what you want or don't want within your surroundings. Location also has a lot to do with your age group, whether you have a family and kids, or where you work. Noise can play a huge factor as well, whether you want to live in a quiet area or you don't mind some background noise. This enables me to narrow the location down to your needs. For example, if you need to be walking distance to a school or grocery market. A convenient location that fits your lifestlye can make your home feel that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

4) Budget - No matter what the budget is, I can still find the right home for you. In some cases you can not afford the dream home right away, but everyone needs to start somewhere. I'm here to help you find the home that suits your current income and needs. The last thing you want to be is stressed over paying off the martgage paycheck by paycheck. Remember to do your research first. I can't stress how important it is to know what you're able to afford. So sit down with your loved ones, and figure out what you're able to afford after paying your expenses, before diving into purchasing your dream home. Remember, a dream home does not have to be huge and extravagent! It's the home that suits your lifestyle and suits your family needs. And when the opportunity arises, and you're ready to purchase a better home, I'm just a phone call away in achieving the next step towards that dream home! I highly advise asking a mortgage professional. By using our convenient mortgage calculator, you can estimate the maximum price you should be spending on a home.

I speak fluent English and Vietnamese.


  • Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School
  • University of Guelph B.Comm., Marketing Major Degree

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811 36 James Street S

Hamilton, Ontario L8P4W4
$ 449,900.00
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46 Briarose Place W

Hamilton, Ontario L9C7V3
$ 799,900.00
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104 Nash Road S

Hamilton, Ontario L8K4J7
$ 549,997.00
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188 Locke Street S

Hamilton, Ontario L8P4B3
$ 1,595,000.00
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974 Beach Boulevard

Hamilton, Ontario L8H6Z4
$ 814,999.00
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135 Wellington Street N

Hamilton, Ontario L8R1N4
$ 799,900.00
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293 QUIGLEY Road

Hamilton, Ontario L8K6C6
$ 424,900.00
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801 RYMAL Road E

Hamilton, Ontario L8W1B6
$ 999,900.00
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2004 67 Caroline Street S

Hamilton, Ontario L8P3K6
$ 649,900.00
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52 HARMONY Avenue

Hamilton, Ontario L8H4X4
$ 315,000.00
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8192 Leeming Road

Hamilton, Ontario L0R1W0
$ 1,499,000.00
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Hamilton, Ontario L8W1G7
$ 525,000.00
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Hamilton, Ontario L8H1M5
$ 424,900.00
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218 SENECA Avenue

Hamilton, Ontario L9B1M2
$ 599,900.00
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235 Stone Church Road E

Hamilton, Ontario L9B1A2
$ 674,900.00
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